Monday, November 30, 2009

TV Review- "Being Human"

Unless you have access to British television or are addicted to BBC America like my daughter and I are, the closest that you get to British shows are either the American version of The Office (yep, the Brits did it first) or watching Gordon Ramsey scream his head off at people on Hell's Kitchen.

But in the good old Shelton household, our Saturday nights are filled with tea and crumpets and a big dose of BBC. On Saturday nights, the Brits run amazing shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Hex and Robin Hood. But the best show by far- for them and for me- is Being Human.

Being Human is a show about 3 flatmates, Mitchell, George and Annie, who live in Bristol and are just trying to fit in and get through their day to day lives. So are we all, what makes it different for them, you might ask.

Well...Mitchell is a vampire, George is a werewolf and Annie is a ghost. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke doesn't it. But I promise, if you watch the first episode, you'll be hooked!!!!

Mitchell and George work as aides in the local hospital. This is extremely hard for both of them. Poor Mitchell, he's fighting the Dark Side. Part of the vampire nature is to desire blood and sex so much that it nearly overwhelms him. But to be human (hence the show's name) he has to be good, fight his natural urges. He slips occasionally but it makes you love him all the more. Plus he's HOT!

George is recent to the lycan persuasion. He was turned into a werewolf a few months ago and is still dealing with that. He has a hard time explaining why he keeps having to be off work once a month and an even harder time going through the horribly painful transformation from human to werewolf under the full moon. He's a sweetheart and is goofy as all get outs but you can't help but root for him.

Of the three, I find Annie the most annoying. Being a ghost, she's pretty much stuck inside the house. That's where she died and her whole story is finding out the circumstances. She gets all giddy when she realizes she can make tea even if she can't drink it(Mitchell and George constantly have to step over full cups of tea she leaves sitting around). I still like her despite my annoyance because she's sort of like the guys' consciences, she keeps them human.

I can't wait for season 2 of this show to start. It has already been played in the UK and got rave reviews, so much that season 3 is under production. For us, the 6 episodes from season 1 are available on iTunes. It's worth the money and the time!


  1. Wow, that sounds really cool! Is it on any channel in America? Or just iTunes. I love finding new shows to watch in my down time. I really find those different kinds of shows interesting. There are so many that are too much alike now days....

  2. It's on BBC America. Not every cable provider carries the channel but ours does. I'm not sure if BBC has a website like other channels so you can watch their shows. It's great because you can really identify with the characters. George is so funny- you'll about pee in your pants laughing at him!