Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Class Update

OK so we got more snow, this time with a lovely layer of ice underneath. Does that stop us from charging forward in the quest for education? That's a resounding "NO!"

Columbia State has posted a message on the website letting us know that the school will be opening at 9:30 this morning. That means that our class will start as scheduled at 11:30. If you have an 8:00 class, you'll go to it at 9:30.

I live in Pulaski and it's pretty slick here, but I'm going to trudge on out the door about 9:30 to give myself a little extra time to get there. I'd advise you to do the same. The way I look at it- if I can get there, you should be able to get there.

Now, that being said, am I going to shove a firecracker up your nose and light it if you aren't there? Nah. I expect you to use your best judgement. Even though you'll be behind on lecture notes, I DO NOT want you to put yourself in danger to get to class if your roads are dangerous.

Should CS change the plan and decide to postpone the opening or even close school, I'll post another message to update you.


  1. "Classes scheduled to start before 9:30 a.m. are cancelled. " -Paul Hickey's email from 10:24 last night.
    You lucky history buffs. We early risers got cancelled, holla!

  2. Nope, see I made a deal with Mother Nature when you were in my class so she would hold off on the snow until after we got done. I just love you that much! :)

  3. Hey lady! I've been neglecting the blog here lately. I have to apologize. So, I shall be more faithful... I promise. Gotta keep up with your fun posts. :) Nothing's changed.

  4. Hey to you too!!! Don't apologize- unfortunately I've been neglecting it too. Just been busy getting all my ducks in a row for the classes. Hope yours are going well!