Thursday, January 21, 2010

New TV Returns

Call me shallow but I can't tell you how happy I am that the holiday rerun season is finally over. I finally get NEW TV AGAIN!!!! There was a time in the past when I was glad for rerun time. I watch so many TV shows that I would miss a few here and there and reruns gave me a chance to catch up(I know, I know DVR's- I don't have one). But thankfully, technology has made that obsolete. If I miss a show, I can just watch it the next morning on the net.

I'm not the sort of person who gets into half-hour sitcoms or reality shows. You might want to sit down for this one, but I have never watched American Idol or Survivor, and I don't intend to. That sort of stuff just doesn't float my boat.

Give me a good hour-long drama, especially those with a sci-fi bend. The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Fringe are getting back into the swing of thing. Yay! Plus, the BBC has a new show called Demons that I'm totally into. Now if V and FlashForward would hurry up and come back, I'd be set.

But Fox has me doing a happy dance right about now. JACK IS BACK!!! 5 hours of 24 over 2 nights. Yeah baby! I know it's season 8 for them but, to me, they just get better and better. JACK BAUER FOR PRESIDENT! Plus, Fox also launched a new show called Human Target that totally has my attention. If you haven't seen it, go to right now! It's about a group of guys who do personal protection. Sounds sort of lame but they are like Batman without the mask and cape. It caught my attention because of the show's stars. Mark Valley, who plays the main character, was on Fringe (they had me right there), Jackie Earle Hailey, Rorshach from Watchmen, is amazing as the "heavy." He's like 4 feet tall and 50 pounds but he's great. And Chi McBride gave my 2nd favorite movie line ever in Gone in 60 Seconds*.

So, if you can't get in touch with me from 7-10 every night or first thing in the morning, it's a good bet that I'm glued to the boob tube, getting my TV fix. Are you as big of a TV addict as I am? Should we start a 12 step program? What TV show(s) draw you in?

*My all-time favorite movie line was given by the incomparable Betty White in Lake Placid.


  1. i love that new show human target! i am also in loveeeee with modern family! i'm litetary in tears! and i love cougar town (dont jugde me)I also love project runway and iron chef!

  2. LOL! I won't judge you. I love Project Runway too (some seasons anyway). Santino was cool and I walked around saying "Fiiieeerrrccee" for weeks after Christian won. I also love Top Chef. For some reason, those don't strike me as reality shows even though they really are.

  3. I really like The Bachelor and America's Next Top Model. Most people wouldn't believe that, but it's true. I also watched The Vampire Diaries for the first time this week and fell in love with it. I then watched an episode of Supernatural where two guys were in an asylum looking for a monster who sucked people's brains out. My sister was scared to death, but I thought it was pretty great. :) Other than that I like to watch any ice skating/ Olympics when they are on... and ABC Family and CW are my favorite channels.

  4. Supernatural is absolutely great! Once you get into the story, you are hooked. Caitlin gave me season 1 for Christmas and my friend Dawn gave me season 2 for my birthday. It's been a Supernatural-fest around my house since then.

  5. did u see Betty white win the award on the sag award..she was so funny she said it is so good to look out and see folks i have worked with and some of you I HAVE HAD...oh i died~ she is sooooo funny the crowd laughed so when george "only man i love with salt and pepper gray hair" clonney came out he said...i to have been in this indrusty for a long time and i work with betty 20 years ago and i wanna thank her for her discretion...OMG it was so funny..she is a jewl! i love the sag and the golden globes! soooooo excited for the grammies and THE OCSARS~~~DID U KNOW I GET DRESSED UP TO WATCH??

  6. No, I didn't get to watch the SAG's. I saw later where she was getting the lifetime achievement award. I'm absolutely loving her. My goal in life is to be exactly like her when I get old. And, of course, Clooney...ahh Clooney. He ranks on up there with Johnny Depp for me. (Fanning self as I think of both of them in the same sentence) You are so funny! I love the Oscars too but I've never gotten dressed up for them. That's so cool!