Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weather Alert: Franklin Students Only

OK, first and foremost, why do they start talking horrible weather when I'm giving a test in my Friday class? Does Mother Nature hate you guys that much? It's the "H" corner, I know it is (just kidding, just kidding, you all weren't even in my class the last time we had to have a weather alert).

Seriously though, just in this school year, the weather folks have given us doom and gloom many times and each time elementary and high schools have been closed. And then nothing happens.

So as of right now, I'm going with the nothing happens scenario. At this posting, 5:00 PM on Thursday, Columbia State is not closed. Therefore, we will be meeting tomorrow, having the test and doing group work on the essay. I sent out an email to your CS email accounts earlier.

If something changes (and I truly hope it does because my stupid car is covered with salt from the road and I want bad weather to justify that) I'll blog again and send out another email).


  1. tell me why the direct tv folks have not gotten this tv on yet! somebody is about to get a patrick swayze roundhouse kick if I DONT GET MY TV BACK GRRRRR! ON a lighter note i guess i will get a good grade on the test since i have no tv~lol

  2. There you go girl. Find that silver lining! Plus, a Patrick Swayze reference is always appropriate. Love me some Patrick since Red Dawn- RIP :(

  3. and dirty dancing..loved him in that movie..and then my all time tearjearker along with steel magnolias is ghost!

  4. Tell me about it! I was 13 or so when Dirty Dancing came out. I had a huge poster of Patrick as Johnny Castle on the wall in my bedroom. If Caitlin had been a boy, her name would have been Patrick. He was THE MAN