Saturday, December 18, 2010

Popcorn Drive Results

Wow, when you guys have the opportunity to do something to help the soldiers, you come through. I bow to you all!

I fully expected to get a few dozen boxes of microwave popcorn- the idea of a bonus tends to appeal to the folks who are worried about passing a test- but I never expected that so many people would respond to the call. Kudos to the Monday night class because nearly everybody in the class showed up with at least one box. A big pat on the back for Carter; he brought "A" box that had at least 40 bags of popcorn in it.

All in all, I collected over 100 boxes of popcorn. When I carried them to my friend who's spearheading the drive, Caitlin and I filled the trunk, backseat AND passenger seat of his Jeep. There was just barely enough room for him to squeeze in! I'm wondering where he's going to store it all before he can send it to the troops.

Folks, I hope you have a smile on your face for this. Our soldiers work tirelessly to maintain our safety and freedom- often without any sort of thanks. When they get all this popcorn, they'll know that we all care!

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