Friday, February 12, 2010

TV Rant

***SPOILER ALERT- If you haven't watched the latest episodes of your fave shows, stop reading now. I might ruin them for you***

I have come to the conclusion that the two words that I hate most in the English language are "Winter" and "Finale"- not really the two words themselves but when they are strung together to inform me that I have to wait 6 weeks for new episodes of my favorite shows. Why? WHY????? Do the TV gods hate me that bad?

I was just getting back into the swing of things from the rerun break that TV takes over the holiday season when- BAM- smack me in the face... no new episodes of most of my favorite shows until the end of March. Argh. What makes it suck even worse is the fact that several of the shows left me hanging. Is Olivia going to spill the beans on Fringe, telling everyone that Walter stole Peter from the alternate universe? How is the demon blood going to effect Sam on Supernatural? I mean, holy moly, they left it with Dean praying and crying. Real tears, real prayers (at least TV real). Dean doesn't cry or pray. And now I've got to wait until March to find out what happens.

I guess I'll have to console myself with the fact that at least Star Wars and Human Target are still running new eps, plus the final season of Lost just started. Maybe it won't be forever until March gets here. What shows are you going to be jonesing over during the Winter Finale break?

(Just so you know- I'm not as shallow as this sounds. I just really like my TV shows.)

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