Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Attn: All Students- Final Exam Study Sessions

I've had several people ask me about holding study sessions for this semester's final exams. Here is the plan that I came up with...

Lawrenceburg classes (both 11 & 2 classes)- Thursday April 29 @ 3:30 in room 155. Ms. Skora will be giving you guys your test on Tuesday May 4.

Columbia class- Monday May 3 @ 12:30 in our regular classroom. The test will follow @ 2:00

Clifton class- Wednesday May 5 @ 8:30 in our regular classroom. The test will follow @ 9:30

Franklin class- Friday May 7 @ 10:00 in our regular classroom. The test will follow @ 11:00. NOTE THAT THE FINAL STARTS @ 11:00, not our typical class time of 11:30. Do not be late or I'll throw erasers, markers, my Twilight bag (it's heavy), whatever else I can find at you!

Anyone from any class is more than welcome to come to any or all of the other study sessions. The more the merrier.

For Columbia, Clifton & Franklin, if you need to make arrangements with me to take the final at a different time than your normally scheduled final, #1 you need a good reason and #2 you need to get with me ASAP to set up an appointment. REMEMBER- THERE IS NO MAKEUP FOR THE FINAL EXAM. Yes I am pulling a Kanye at you but there is always somebody who "forgets" that they have to take the final. Once I'm done giving the finals, I have to get them graded and the grades put into the system so you guys can access them (they will available on or after May 14 on your ChargerNet account) so I'm turning my phone off to work and well, to put it nicely, you'll be screwed!

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